If you would like to schedule services that do not include opening or closing your pool, or if you have questions or feedback, please go to our “Service Request” page here.  If you would like to reach a specific person, such as the owner or store manager, please visit our “Contact Us” page here.

Please take a look at the bottom of this page to see some tips for opening and closing your pool.

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If opening later than May 15, open your cover in the deep end and add extra chlorine to control algae.
Safety cover owners: The sooner you open the pool, the cleaner it will be.
Store winter cover in a place where animals will not be able to nest in it or chew on it.


Do a complete water test prior to closing. A balanced pool will be much easier to open.
Tarp cover users: Check water bags. To save labor charges, fill and place them around your pool prior to our arrival.
Store solar cover in a safe place away from animals that may nest or chew on it.
Open your tablet chlorinator valve all the way to help elevate chlorine level to at least 5ppm.

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