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 I’ve been thinking about installing a spa. What are the basic considerations?

SPA: Select your location and determine what type of environment will surround it, such as wood or concrete decking, overhead structure or home remodel or addition. You may need to add electrical service or upgrade it to accommodate the spa. If you are installing an indoor spa, or a very large outdoor spa that might require use of neighboring property, identify a path for delivery.

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Should I invest in purchasing a spa?

Deciding to purchase a spa boils down to how you want to live. Spas bring significant value to your lifestyle in the way of family fun, parties, romance, exercise, stress relief, home beauty, physical relief, and a feeling of luxury. They are most definitely cheaper than buying and maintaining a cottage, they can be equivalent to a boat and related expenses and they beat out the price of a luxury car, considering your pool or spa will last longer and provide more enjoyment. With your own personal pool or spa, you don’t have to plan a weekend to use it, you don’t have to drive to it, and, within reason, you don’t have to base its use on the weather. You can soak in your spa whenever you want.

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Do Farwell’s spas have restrictions on shape, size and depth?

SPA: Our LaZboy and Nordic lines offer a wide range of sizes for traditional spas seating up to six adults, while our swim spas range from 12 feet to nearly 18 feet long.

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What is the difference between a hot tub and a spa?

In practical terms, not a thing. Hot tub is the original label, but the addition of massaging jets and a social preference for pampering have ushered in the new term, spa, which is used in most promotional references. It is perfectly acceptable to call them hot tubs, even with all of today’s added luxuries in them. Swim spas, on the other hand, serve a different purpose and should be called swim spas.

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How long does it take to install a spa?

SPA: After wiring is prepared (the customer’s responsibility), spas can be installed and running in the same day.

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How will a spa affect my water bill?

SPA: Spas use anywhere from 130 to 2,000 gallons and must be replaced 2-to-4 times a year depending on usage.

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If I move, can I take my spa with me?

Usually yes, but it depends on how the spa is integrated into the home. Removing it might require repairs and negotiations with the buyer of your home.

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If I move, how does a spa affect my home’s resale value?

Spas, along with their environments, add to your home’s beauty and value. According to an article in Pool and Spa News, a National Association of Realtors study shows that property values rise 8% to 15% with these amenities and that, increasingly, adults and families are looking for homes with spas. In the event you are selling your home, you or potential buyers might like to schedule a spa inspection to assess the condition of your spas or take advantage of free estimates on upgrades and makeovers.

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